Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

As a wedding planner, I get asked a lot “Why should I hire you?”  My initial response in my head is because I am awesome!  ;) 

There are so many reasons to hire a wedding planner, but I’d like to share my top 3 reasons.  

First, when hiring a wedding planner, you are ultimately purchasing peace of mind and expertise in the wedding industry. The peace of mind comes with having someone answer questions about all things wedding. Most importantly, a wedding planner frees up your family members and friends to enjoy your special day, while the day-of details are managed and set-up is overseen. The expertise provides someone to bounce design ideas with, provide professional vendor recommendations, understand the difference between open bar and cash bar, or research a new band in town. Oftentimes, I have couples with a unique idea for their ceremony or reception and we have a conversation about how it would fit in to their wedding. As an expert in event logistics, a wedding planner can provide an execution perspective that you might not have considered.

Secondly, a wedding planner provides support and guidance. I personally am a LPC and I have special training in knowing how to provide support and guide people through stressful events! This support and guidance allows you to focus on your engagement and the excitement of getting married! If you are confused on what the venue allows for décor or how to complete the layout, we are there to help.  Our role is to help you avoid being overwhelmed or stressed with the planning process.

Thirdly, we bring everything together whether you hire a month-of wedding planner or a full planning package. We coordinate all the details of setting up appointments, confirming vendors, creating a timeline, etc.  Wedding planners keep everything organized, up to date, and make sure the details correspond with your overall vision. After all, you should be focused on getting married and picking up friends and family members from the airport. Let us worry about what time vendors need to arrive for set up and when it is time to cut the cake.

These are my just 3 top reasons to hire a wedding planner!  Schedule a consultation today to discuss how a wedding planner can help your event!