2019: Mindful & Open

Farewell 2018 and Hello 2019!

My 2018 was filled with lots of adventures and blessings! January 2018 I started out feeling very unstable and unsure of what 2018 was going to bring as a new mother and business woman.  I am a self proclaimed workaholic, driven to a fault, and struggle with asking for help. I laugh out loud because right before my daughter was born I kept telling myself — how hard could being a working mother be. I am organized and a hard worker, Ha—the universe laughed in my face and I quickly learned that it one of the toughest juggling acts I have EVER faced. 

To be completely honest, it was a very hard transition and there were MANY days where I wanted to walk away and started looking for a conventional job. I was exhausted and the year had just began. After scrolling through many job descriptions, there were none that capture my heart’s desire. I felt like I hit a dead end and felt like a failure. After many pep talks from my husband, mother, sisters,  brother, colleagues, lots of tears, sleepless night and reading every inspiring literature I could get my hands on,  I knew that staying the course was my only choice. I had to let fate take the control!

It was a season that taught me a whole heck of a lot. I learned that no matter how chaotic and overwhelmed I felt, I could always look to my family and friends to build me up and give me strength. I learned that no matter how hard juggling life got—this season WAS going to pass.  I learned that it is ok to ask for help and to enjoy the ride. I learned that I am tougher than I thought and when I allowed fate to take control, those adventures become more blissful. These lessons came full force and it has taken me 12 long months to understand that they were all blessings. When you are undergoing something tough, it is easy to become negative and focus on all the wrong that is taking place. I am so guilty of that.  As I reflect on 2018, I know there were good and bad moments but I would not change anything. Every SINGLE moment has taught me so much and has made me a better person, mother, and business woman. 

Everyone starts 2019 with their goals for the year. I have so many goals that I want to achieve but I quickly get overwhelmed when I do not fulfill them. I decided to do something different and this year I am going to resolve to be mindful and open to all that comes my way. I want to accept myself for my successes, quirks, and failures. I want to be strong, present, and balanced with my work and personal life. I will be flexible to accept the journey 2019 hands me, because I know it’s all happening for a reason to lead me to my best self. I want to be open to it all and mindful of what it means for me. 

Thank you 2018 for a season of learning, hardship, blessing, and allowing me to accept that in the end everything will be! To 2019, bring it on! 💪🏼

Nancy Hernandez